TAU submits 6 programs to AACCUP’s virtual accreditation

Geared towards cultivating a culture of excellence and continuous sustainable development in all areas of operation, the Tarlac Agricultural University submitted its six academic programs-two graduate and four undergraduate- for Level 3-Phase 2 Online Accreditation on May 31-June 2, 2021.

As TAU continues to lay-out the trail towards becoming one of the top 500 universities in Asia, the university submitted its six programs namely: Doctor of Philosophy in Development Education, Doctor of Philosophy in Agronomy, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Food Technology, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, to the scrutiny of the Accrediting Agency of Chartered College and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP).

Not hindered by the current pandemic situation, the seasoned accreditors from the AACCUP evaluated the aforementioned programs via Zoom meeting. Headed by Dr. Narciso F. Castro who served as the overall coordinator in this virtual accreditation, the accreditation team was composed by Dr. Jonita Literatus, Dr. Elmer C. Vingua. Dr. Elena M. Manaig, Dr. Erlinda S. Jiz De Ortega, Dr. Elbert M. Galas, and Dr. Liceria G. Enteria.

In his message, the University President Dr. Max P. Guillermo expressed his gratitude to AACCUP as TAU’s solid partner in providing quality education and service to its stakeholders and nation’s future leaders. He also reiterated that the said accrediting agency has greatly contributed in improving the academic programs of the university along with its facilities that paved the way towards TAU’s new achievements.

Apart from the university’s international recognitions and library services, the accreditors also examined the compliance report based on the AACCUP team’s recommendations during the Level III-Phase I evaluation and narrative profiles of each program. The presentation of narrative profile was simultaneously conducted through separate breakout sessions. Level III (Phase 2) accreditation requires evaluation in four major areas-two mandatory and two areas of choice. The programs must fulfill the requirements and achieve a rating of not less than 4.0 in all areas to be awarded Level III Reaccredited Status

After the meticulous auditing, the accreditation team revealed their initial findings during the exit conference. Dr. Castro commended the administration and the well-orchestrated efforts of the task forces for a job well-done, and once again reminded that AACCUP’s main goal is to help SUCs in recognizing the best practices and developing mechanisms that will respond to the call towards excellence.

In response, President Guillermo expressed his gratitude to the team and the whole TAU community and seriously committed that the university shall continue to fulfill its mandate and consider the recommendations of the accrediting agency for a more profound pursuit of academic excellence to meet the highest level of accreditation in the near future. (SSantos, CBM)