Prof. Ramos talks about sweet potato as super food in AgriSikat

Ikaw ba ay hindi kumakain ng kamote? O kaya naman ay mahilig kumain subalit sawa na sa nilaga or pinirito lang? May sagot ang TAU dyan!

TAU Professor and Head of the Food Processing Center, Dr. Susana D. Ramos guested in the segment of Radio CLSU of the Central Luzon State University, Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, AgriSikat or “Sa Agrikultura, Sikat ka!” last April 28 to showcase the different products that were developed from the different varieties of sweet potato.

The segment was broadcasted by Central Luzon State University’s Radio Station, DWFA 107.3 FM and Facebook Page live feed reaching over a thousand listeners and viewers.

Prof. Ramos discussed the sweet potato products which primarily aimed to optimize the potential of the crop for livelihood and enterprise, to boost the nutrient content and made available being one of the staple foods of most of the Filipinos, and also to promote zero-waste production.

Sweet potato is known for its nutritional value where they are a good source of carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. Thus, making it as one of the super food available in the market. Of course, with different varieties of sweet potato here in the Philippines, nutritional value of each of the varieties also varies.

During the segment, Prof. Ramos explained that the development of the TAU sweet potato products started last 2007 with funding support from National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). With the said project, they have developed products such as flour, ice cream, yema, jam, candy, chips, beverages and baked products such as brownies, tarts, cookies with approved utility model, and the bestselling buchi to name a few.

To materialize the product development outcomes, Prof. Ramos mentioned that women sectors are being trained as part of the knowledge and technology transfer. She also added that they have also partnered with different cooperatives in Central Luzon, particularly in Tarlac. One of the promising partners of TAU as she highlighted is a cooperative known for Moncadeñan Delicacies in Moncada, Tarlac where products were basically made from sweet potato and are now very well-known for a quality and exporting potential like their Don Benito’s Sweet Potato Wine. (MBagsit, CAF)