As Asian EE congress unfolds, TAU sends 6 student ambassadors 

By Mr. Jerome L. Duque (TAU-ELIA) 

Buoyed by a dynamic economy despite climate, security, and public health challenges, Asia remains committed to  building stronger regional and country-level networks and creating a sustainable future through the 2021 Asia Pacific Virtual Environment Education (EE) Forum held on 30 November to 2 December 2021.

The three-day online conference, hosted by Taiwan, was mapped out to strengthen environmental education in the Asia-Pacific region and involved thousands of youth leaders, advocates, and scholars.

 Waving TAU’s banner were Wendell S. Cabico Jr. of College of Agriculture and Forestry, Jaylyn G. Garcia and Nicole D. Galvez of College of Business and Management, and Irene D. Isip, May Ann Polinar, and Shaira Cara J. Dela Cruz of  College of Education.

“As an agriculture student, I was able to familiarize myself with innovative ways and new processes in gardening to achieve a green future,” Mr. Cabico imparted. Mr. Cabico and his fellow participants also learned how to integrate the concept of future thinking in education and entrepreneurship.

Sessions covered addressing large-scale environmental and social issues, including climate change, environmental justice, biodiversity loss, air quality, and marine litter. Also, participants had a chance to hear from experts and network with others who are advancing Asia to transition to a more just and sustainable community of nations.

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